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What is the Five Towns Diet?
The Five towns diet is Kosher home delivery diet program, delivered straight to your doorstep before 5 am.

How Does it work? What makes you different?
When you go out to get your newspaper every morning, you will also be getting your personalized meals for the day. Your meals will be on ice, but not frozen. Our meals are prepared fresh daily, because you deserve to eat well. We make sure our meals have the highest level of freshness, are low in calorie and taste great. And of course, each meal was designed with you, and only you in mind. Your likes, dislikes, age, weight, activity level, medical history etc, have all been taken into consideration before that meal was made. We are delivering homemade personal quality to your doorstep, but doing the annoying, tedious, time consuming prep work for you.

Will I get foods I don't like? Sometimes I could be very picky!
We will never send you anything you don't like. Our long evaluation and enrollment process with our nutritionists will make sure that everything is completely customized. Your nutritionist will know if you hate fish and if your favorite vegetable is mushrooms. She will know if you are a vegan or if you are gluten free. She will even know if you prefer your sauce on the side. When we say personal, we mean personal. Highly personalized service is our number one priority.

What if I am not satisfied? Can I cancel my program?
Our program is extremely unique and highly customized, we therefore must insist that all sales are final. However we do offer trial programs. If you are satisfied during our trial period, the plan is then prorated when you purchase the full month. But we can assure you that we will do anything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied. Once you experience our personalized approach to weight loss and our extremely high level of service, you will not want to cancel any of our delicious and highly nutritious meals.

What if I have a medical condition or are allergic to a particular food?
First and foremost, like any diet, the advice of a physician is always recommended. We do not replace medical advice, we are nutritionists. We are able to accommodate patients with many different medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, gluten intolerance, allergies, lactose intolerance, diabetes, diverticulitis and many other conditions, but strongly advise that you discuss our program with a medical professional before joining. When you speak to our nutritionist, please make he or she aware of your special medical needs and possible allergies, so that could be taken into consideration when designing your program.

I am tired of spending money on diet programs. How much does it cost?
Our daily delivery program costs just $39.95 per day for a 31 day program. Probably about the same amount of money you are spending on food for yourself every day.

How much weight will I lose?
Typically our clients lose an average of 2 to 5 pounds per week. But again, we stress that each person is different, and we recommend that you call for a consultation to discuss your personal weight loss goals.

Who will answer my call?
Every call is answered by a nutritionist. Your time will not be wasted by an uninformed inexperienced phone operator. We only employ trained and experienced nutritionists to answer your calls. Once you join our program, a senior nutritionist will be assigned to your program and become your personal nutritionist. He or she will be the person you call for questions, concerns and modifications.

How do I heat my meals?
You can heat your meals in the microwave or a conventional oven. If the conventional oven method is preferred, please remember to take it out of the microwaveable dishes that they are packed in and place it in an oven safe container.

What if I am out of town.
No problem. We are flexible. Simply give us 3 business days notice and we will suspend your meals. We will then give you back those missing meals at the end of the program.

Do you offer any discounts for more than one person in a household?
The more family members on the program the cheaper it becomes. Each family member is $2.00 less than the last family member who joined. For example, The first person who joins pays in full. The second person is $2.00 cheaper, the third is $4.00 cheaper and so on..

What if I'm hungry?
Our goal is to make sure that that is never the case. I you feel unsatisfied and hungry, you are more likely to fail. Therefore we urge you to call your personal nutritionist and she will work with you until you are satisfied and still losing weight.

Do I get anything for referring friends to the program?
If you refer a friend, you get a free day. Please make sure that your friend gives us your name when they sign up.

Do I have to use the program every day.
It is up to you how you use our program. In the beginning, it is recommended that you use the program daily. Once you get closer to your goals, many clients choose to use it only a few times a week as they are learning hoe to cook for themselves. You buy the amount of meals only. How you chose to spread them out is entirely up to you.

Do I need to add anything?
No. Each meal is completely balanced including fresh fruits and vegetables. All you supply are the beverages.

How do I renew?
We will contact you when your meal plan is about to expire and you can renew over the phone. We do not renew without your consent.

Are you hiring?
As our company grows we are always looking for new talent. Give us a call.

What if I'm not Jewish?
You do not have to be kosher to enjoy our delicious food.

Are the dairy products on your program Cholev Yisroel?

Under whose supervision are your meals prepared?
The Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns / Far Rockaway. Every meal comes labeled Pareve, Dairy, or Meat and is completely sealed.

We have thousands of mouth watering, innovative and highly nutritious dishes on our menu When you look at some of our samples, think about what you might want to include in your meals, but keep in mind that we will completely customize a plan that works just for you.
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